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We’ve all been told to work hard and it’s true yet what if there were a better, easier, flowing, beautiful and transformational way of being regarding our work and flow.  Ease is the NEW hustle.  Come learn Soul + Social Media!  You’ll love it.  I just want to take a little time to speak to businesses and services plus the non-profits because this “ease as the NEW hustle” is fun and perfect for visibility desires.

Without further delay I’d like to Introduce you to Soul + Social Coach and collaborative partner, coach, mentor and inspirational influencer Virginia Scheuer of VirginiaScheuer.com

Below is an overview and concept of how by joining us you’ll find “Ease as the NEW Hustle” in your life and business (or non-profit).  People (your audience) really do love learning about your gifts, your genius, your offerings in life and business – just NOT in a Salzy Way.  Attraction Marketing Training is vitally important to receive the success we are experiencing.

Virginia is an expert at teaching us how to bring our talents, gifts and value online to social media and “attract our tribe (i.e. community)” plus do so in a way those very people contact us (you) and want to know more!  Once you learn the ropes…

Join us for the “complimentary” social media challenge that launches Sept 4th – you have to be signed up by Sept 2nd.  There will be over 300 in this group – many just learning!  It’s a great time to get in and learn with us.  Use “Theresa OR Talk of the Town” as your referral source – appreciate it.  One more thing – I only say this because I’d want to know – Pricing for the Paid Program “Speakeasy.live” – changes Sept 1, 2018 so if you can join us prior to that – there are many many amazing grandfathered in perks.  I’ll add the link and a little bit about this paid program at the bottom of the page.

Ease is the NEW Hustle

  • Get rid of the blocks that have been holding you back for years
  • Create more ease and flow in your life that attracts what you want
  • Turn your hard working life into a life of purpose driven play
  • Learn how to own your gifts and turn them into your super power
  • Get rid of overwhelm & social anxiety for good
  • Live your best life now

Transform Your Business

  • Take the overwhelm out of social media
  • Get rid of social anxiety and become a social influencer
  • Never worry about what to say or how to say it again
  • Feel great about offering your product or service when it comes time to talk about the sale without being salesy
  • Boldly deliver your message with authenticity, confidence and ease and get the yeses you’ve been looking for
  • Communicate with clarity and ease in all situations

Create Strong Community

  • Learn how to network and have meaningful relationships on social media that creates raving fans for your brand.
  • Stop pouring money into social media ads and learn how to leverage the algorithm by organic engagement and then use facebook ads (if you wish) solely as a way to enhance your business.
  • Create a community where there’s buzz of excitement and loyalty around your brand/ cause.
  • Create a win-win environment for volunteers and leaders within your community that not only builds and makes your business strong but is also does the same for them.

As Promised ABOUT the Paid Program: SpeakEasy | This all inclusive coaching program includes 1on1 coaching, live and recorded training’s, boot-camps that get you started efficiently & effectively; weekday live support, group coaching, supportive tribe, 3 day trail and more!  www.SpeakEasy.live 

If you’d like to help a business, service or non-profit locally, nationally or internationally you’re welcome to share this article (see sweet buttons below)

Big Love,

Theresa | Founder | TalkoftheTownNWA.com & Beyond | ph: 479.633.GROW (4769)

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