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Ease is the NEW Hustle | Soul + Social Media

We’ve all been told to work hard and it’s true yet what if there were a better, easier, flowing, beautiful and transformational way of being regarding our work and flow.  Ease is the NEW hustle.  Come learn Soul + Social Media!  You’ll love it.  I just want to take a little time to speak to […]

Career Advice Women Receive…and Why You Shouldn’t Follow It

The Four Most Common Pieces of Career Advice Women Receive… and Why You Shouldn’t Follow It…. By: Alison Nail-Malone, Executive Coach & Founder of Malone Consultants Group #1 Leave your job if you’re not passionate Alright, I’m not saying to stay in a mind & heart suck job. However, I see WAAYYY too many women […]

Millennial Gifts 84.6 Strong

Millennial Gifts 84.6 Strong | Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed to see a #transformationtuesday? Or a picture of someone’s super food salad? Or even the cliché selfie at the gym? Everyone, right? Millennial’s have a knack for making changes, mostly when it comes to health and wellness. Since we are the largest […]

What No One Told Me … Before I Started Managing People

What No One Told Me … Before I Started Managing People Did you know that over 90% of managers state that they have never been trained how to manage their direct reports? Managers are expected to ‘know’ intuitively how to lead, inspire, and have direct conversations with their employees. As an Executive Coach, I often […]